Small Containters Set (10)

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Small Sci-Fi Containers perfect addition to your table as Line of Sight Blockers. Those perfectly resin casted containers don't require any extra work - almost nothing to clean after and no glue needed (unless you want to bond them together) Slap few colors on them and wash and you have perfect addition to make your table more unique. Check out our photos for better inspiration

Package Includes 10 High Quality Resin Casted Sci-Fi Containers

  • Casts by us are in most cases pre-sanded so there is minimum cleaning required.
  • High Quality Materials used for casting
  • Huge amount of details on each of the casts unlike other material (MDF/Paper)


Width: ~16mm


Walker model only for Scale

All Packages are sent from Poland, Europe. Shipping starts from $6 unless you qualify for Free Shipping Promotion.

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