Sci-Fi Maze Wall (2)

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Sci-Fi Maze Walls are perfect for your games of Necromunda they fit perfectly on boards attached to a starter set or can be used with any board that you currently have in your collection. 

  • Minimum work models - are almost ready to paint directly from package
  • High Quality Casting - Aren't you just tired of those bubbly casts that need hours of work?
  • Design with Necromunda boards in mind - don't play on flat table
  • Full modularity - your imagination is your limitation - build complex bases or tall walls it's all up to you!
  • Magnetising friendly - we love magnets and making each game a  unique experience .


Package Contains:

2 Resin Wall Sections


Width: ~35mm

Models only for scale purpose.

All Packages are sent from Poland, Europe. Shipping starts from $6 unless you qualify for Free Shipping Promotion.

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