Stone Wall Set - 6 pieces

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Rock Stone Wall Set is perfect for historical games like Bolt Action or Saga (both of which we are huge fans) or can be used in Age of Sigmar or 40k. It's always good too have a set of those at hand to add extra line of sight blockers or just have a few random pieces around the table.

  • Perfectly casted almost ready to paint resin terrain pieces. 

Set Contains:

  • 1x Gate Wall
  • 2x Razed Ends 
  • 1x Razed Opened Section
  • 2x Full Walls

Dimensions of walls:

  • Length: ~100mm
  • Height: ~47mm
  • Weidth: ~20mm

Model only for Scale Purpose

Walls were designed by Terrain4Print.

All Packages are sent from Poland, Europe. Shipping starts from $6 unless you qualify for Free Shipping Promotion.

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